1. I already bought my ticket. Am I supposed to receive a ticket to print out for the event day?

No, you do not need to print anything. You’ll receive parking instructions via e-mail the day prior to the event, and all you’ll need to do is simply show up at registration and let us know who you are. We’ll retrieve your badge and t-shirt.

2. Is this some sort of kids event?

This event is for general audiences, mostly working professionals. For 2016, we do have a “Kids Camp” segment which will focus on teaching minors the power of publishing. The general schedule is catered towards skill level, not age.

3. I want to help out, can I volunteer?

Of course! WordCamp Tampa is right around the corner and we are looking for some interested individuals, willing to give just a couple of hours to make sure our event this year is a success. Get Involved

4. I’ve already registered, how do I get my photo to show up on the attendee page?

The attendee page hooks into a service called Gravatar. Your photo is associated with whatever email you registered with. If you don’t have a Gravatar account, we strongly encourage you to make one. Many sites online use this service to grab your photo for you.

5. I don’t want my information on the attendee page, how do I remove it?

Please contact us about the issue, and we will take it down promptly.